Apply as a deputy member for the University Collegium

You can send the application by sixth of August at the latest.

The Student Union is searching one new University of Oulu Collegium deputy member for the remaining term 2022–2023. The university collegium is composed of 24 members, each having a personal deputy. Of the university collegium’s members 8 represent professors, 8 other teachers, researchers and other personnel, and 8 represent students. All members have personal deputy members.

The tasks of the University Collegium are:

1) to decide on the number of members in the Board of Directors and on the length of the term of office for the Board and its members;
2) to select the members for the University Board of Directors as stated in Section 15, Subsection 4 of the Universities Act;
3) to confirm the selection of the University community groups indicated in Section 15, Subsection 2 in the Universities Act as members of the Board of Directors;
4) to relieve a member of the Board of his/her duties based on the proposal of the Board;
5) to select the University auditors;
6) to approve the University financial statement and annual report and shall make the decision about granting an exemption from liability to the Board members and the rector;
7) to decide upon an action for damages against a member of the Board, rector or auditor;
8) to decide upon relieving a member of the Board of his/her duties in accordance with Section 65, Subsection 3 in the Universities Act; and
9) to appoint a committee with the task of preparing the election of the members in Section 10, Subsection 4.

You can send the application for collegium deputy member position to email 6th of Aug. 2023 at the latest.

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