Checklist for electoral alliances

The nomination of candidates is nearing its halfway point, so it is time to check that everything is in order!

Excellent, you might have already formed an electoral alliance, or maybe you are thinking of forming one. Here is a checklist of things that you should take into account when forming an electoral alliance, and things to remember when recruiting candidates and campaigning.


NOTE! Remember to register as a candidate using your study right number. It can be found on Tuudo and Peppi and it begins with a Y.



At least two candidates are needed to form an electoral alliance, and at most there can be 74 candidates. An election circle can be formed by a minimum of two alliances, or one alliance and one candidate.



Remember to register the electoral alliance into the elections with the form that can be filled here. Each candidate must fill their own, personal registration form as well. Notice that you need to have a HAKA account of the university to fill the forms.



The search for candidates and creating a list are subject to the ethical rules of student council elections. It is especially important to remember that any form of pressuring and defamation are prohibited. Searching for candidates is also prohibited in teaching situations and in close vicinity of them. It’s prohibited to recruit intoxicated persons. 



The electoral alliance is responsible for the appropriateness of its candidates’ advertisements. It is recommended that the electoral alliance recommend the candidates to fill the election compass. OYY hopes that all electoral alliances participate in the Election Fair and panel.

If an electoral alliance needs the help of the office with campaigning materials, contact 


Good election spirit

We hope all electoral alliances and candidates have a fair-minded election spirit!


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Election Coordinator, Iikka Meriläinen,

Secretary General, Kauko Keskisärkkä, 

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