In OYY, the highest decision maker is the Student Council, which is elected in the Student Council Elections biannually. The next elections are in the Autumn 2023. This page contains information for those interested in candidacy as well as for voters!

Voting is open from 1 Nov 12 pm (noon) to 8 Nov 4 pm


The voting for the Student Council elections begins on Wednesday 1 November 12 pm (noon) and continues to Wednesday 8 November 4 pm. Voting is completely online, either on Tuudo app or on the website

You can get to know the candidates in Tuudo or in the election compass, which opens for OYY on Tuesday 31 October.

Election compass

What is Student Council?


The Student Council consists of 37 regular members and their vice members. The Student Council meets about 7 times a year. It decides annually, among other things, on OYY’s action plan, budget and annually elects OYY’s executive board. The Student Council makes all major financial and political decisions concerning the Student Union. These decisions have been recorded in the policy paper, strategy and contingency plan, which are updated when necessary. In addition, the Student Council makes a decision on the hiring of the secretary general and the editor-in-chief of the Oulu Student magazine.


The current Student Council Members

What elections?


The Student Council elections are held every other year in late autumn. In 2023, the voting period for the elections is November 1-8. Every member of OYY can run for office and vote in the elections. Most of the candidates belong to electoral unions. Electoral unions represent students of different faculties or political groups. Anyone can establish their own electoral union. For the first time this year, nominations are made using an electronic form.

In the candidate’s guide, you can find information and tips on the progress and campaigning of the election. The guide can also be helpful if you are still thinking about running for office!

Note! Most of the members, and thus also those elected to the Student Council, are undergraduate students, but doctoral researchers who have joined as members can also run for office and vote.

Electoral Alliances and Circles

The contact information of the Electoral alliances and circles will be updated here in the order they are registered to us.


The Interdisciplinary Electoral circle (PoVa): Salla Karhunen, telegram @Salsukarhune

Electoral alliance of education sciences and psychology KaPy: Salla Karhunen, telegram @Salsukarhune

Electoral alliande of Humanities Students: Karoliina Kokko-Tollola , 040 6757 699


Election circle of Technology and Economy Students (TeTa): Janne Kilponen

Electoral alliance of Business School Students: Pauliina Korvala

Electoral alliance of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering students: Janne Kilponen

Electoral alliance of architecture, industrial engineering and management, and mechanical engineering students: Nikita Konovets

Electoral alliance of the Environmental and Process Engineering students: Nikita Konovets


Electoral alliance of the Medical students (LED): Matin Moradi


Electoral alliance of Tieteelliset (Tiet): Iikka Kokkoniemi


Electoral alliance of the National Coalition Party (Kok): Lotta Ellonen,, 0404169330


Electoral alliance of the Center and Non-Aligned Students, Eevasisko Mehtätalo,, 0405274913, telegram @Eevamehtatalo


Electoral alliance of the Left Students: Miikka Knuutila, 0504109783

Guides and forms

Frequently asked questions

For candidates

For electoral alliances and election circles

The central electoral committee is responsible for organising the elections. In the OYY office, the election coordinator, secretary general and communications specialist also work with the elections. You can always contact us if you have any questions about the elections!

Chair of the central electoral committee Tiitu-Lotta Paju kvl(at)

Secretary General Kauko Keskisärkkä paasihteeri(at)

Election Coordinator Iikka Meriläinen edustajistovaalit(at)

Communications Specialist Liisa Komminaho viestintaasiantuntija(at)