OYY’s Board had their organisational meeting, Hakoniemi and Holmi elected as vice chairs

Mikko Hakoniemi will be the 1st and Katri Holmi the 2nd Vice Chair of the Board for the year 2023.

OYY’s Board started their job this week. First they had trainings about the tasks of the Board and OYY’s action with the help of our specialists. On Thursday 12.1. the Board had their organisation meeting, where Mikko Hakoniemi was elected as the 1st Vice Chair and Katri Holmi as the 2nd Vice Chair of the Board. Suvi-Anna Salminen was appointed as the Chair of the Board in the Student Council meeting in November 2022. The responsibilities of the Board for the year 2023 are as follows:


Academic Affairs: Mikko Hakoniemi

Social Affairs: Katri Holmi

Elections: Aapomikko Matti

Societies: Anton Kostiainen

International affairs: Daria Zaikovskaia

Events: Aku Forsman

Communications and sustainable development: Elli Reinola

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