OYY’s Board had their organisational meeting, Tiusanen and Sippola elected as vice chairs

OYY’s Board had their organisational meeting and assigned the responsibilities among themselves in their meeting on 18 January

OYY’s executive board had their organisational meeting on Thursday 18 January. The vice chairs were elected and responsibilities of the board members were assigned in the meeting. Eveliina Tiusanen was elected as the 1. Vice chair of the board. Tiusanen studies archeology and has previously been a member of the board at OYY and chair of the board in the guild of humanities. Vilma Sippola was elected as the 2. Vice chair. History of Sciences and Ideas student Sippola has previous experience as the vice chair of the history students society Tiima and chair of the youth council in Haapajärvi. 


The responsibilities of the Board for the year 2024 are as follows:


Eveliina Tiusanen: International affairs

Vilma Sippola: Social affairs (city and living)

Aino Uitamo: Social affairs (wellbeing and sustainability)

Jakov Lubenets: Academic affairs

Tuukka Lehtinen: Communications and events

Manta Mankinen: Communications and events

Juuso Säkkinen: Organisations


The chair of the board Anton Kostiainen is responsible for external relations, finances and management, and in addition leads the strategy process.


The whole board will be introduced on our social media channels in the upcoming weeks, so give us a follow on Instagram @oyystudentunion or Facebook @OYY!

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