Students voted in mock election and challenged the candidates about welfare

Return to the atmosphere of last week’s election carnival and watch the recording of the election panel!

The student election carnival brought the higher education students from Oulu together with the parties elected to the parliament and their candidates in the parliament elections on Wednesday 15.3. The event was organised in cooperation with Oulu University of Applied Sciences student union OSAKO and Diakonia University of Applied Sciences student union O’Diako. The day opened with the student election market, during which the students had the opportunity to get to know the parties and candidates, as well as cast their votes in the student mock elections. The market quickly filled with lively conversations and the smell of popcorn.


During the afternoon, the candidates and their supporters gathered at Oulu UAS Business Corner to hear about the current situation of student and higher education policy, and to have a free-form discussion based on the student movement’s election goals. The evening was crowned by the student election panel, where the candidates were able to answer the students’ most pressing questions about student life, higher education and the challenges faced by society as a whole. The election panel can still be viewed on the Oulu student newspaper’s Instagram account.


As for the students’ mock elections, the result was quite exciting and the distribution of votes was fairly even. The final election result was as follows:


  1. Left Alliance (25.2%)
  2. National Coalition Party (17.2%)
  3. Center Party (16.6%)
  4. Social Democratic Party & The Green Party (12.9%)
  5. True Finns (8%)
  6. RKP, Movement Now, Liberal Party, Freedom Alliance (1.2%) 
  7. Christian Democrats (0.6%)

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