Tiusanen and Urpiola elected to the Student Union's Board for the rest of the term 2023

The Student Council elected two new members to OYY’s Board in their meeting 15.8.

The Student Council had a meeting on Tuesday 15.8. to elect people for positions of trust before the Academic year begins. The Council decided to elect two new members for the rest of the year. The term of the Board is calendar year, so the new members will work in the Board until the end of the year 2023. After a vote, Eveliina Tiusanen and Aino Urpiola were elected as the members of the Board. Tiusanen studies archaeology and has experience as the Chair of the Humanities Guild and a Member of the Student Council. Urpiola studies to be a teacher and also has previous experience or working in an organisation.


We decided to elect new members for the Board, because the Autumn will be very busy in the Student Union. Especially the Student Council elections and different events demand a lot of resources. In the Student Council we think it is important to secure sufficient resources for the office to operate and that is why we decided to elect two new members,”  commented the Chair of the Student Council, Leea Putula.


The Chair of the Student Union’s Board is Suvi-Anna Salminen. After electing the new members, there are 8 members on the board in addition to the Chair. According to the rules of the Student Union, in addition to the chair, the Executive Board must include at least five and at most ten other board members.

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