Plenty of different events at the wellbeing week!

Wellbeing week is this year November 21-25. During the week, you can go to alcohol-free party, pet care dogs, sit in wellness cafe or get to know various wellbeing operators at market events. See the detailed schedule below!

Wellbeing week Hyvinvointiviikko Kontinkankaan kampus oy Linnanmaan kampus

At the market events, you can get your own wellbeing week overall badge! On Tuesday at Kontinkangas, you can pick up the badge at OYY’s stand, and on Wednesday OYY and OSAKO will hand out badges at their own stands.

Wellbeing week is an annual event focusing on the well-being of students and staff organized by OYY, the University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, OSAKO, FSHS, Unimove and other partners.

The schedule will be updated 


Tuesday 22.11.

  • 10-11 Care dogs at the Kontinkangas campus near the main door!
  • At 10:30-13 Market event in Kontinkangas Kieppi lobby. There are almost 30 stands where you can learn more about wellbeing and wellbeing services in Oulu.
  • OYY offers waffles at the stand and the first 100 visitors will get a special wellbeing week coverall badge!

Wednesday 23.11.

  • 10-15 Market event at Linnanmaa! At the market event, you can learn more about wellbeing and wellbeing services in Oulu.
  • The stands start from the Orange racks and continues towards the main door of OAMK (near Pegasus).
  • OYY and OSAKO both offer the first 200 people a wellbeing week badge. You can enjoy waffles at OYY’s stand, and OSAKO offers sausages at Matin Makkarakoju in the courtyard in front of the Science Library Pegasus.
  • UniMove offers a taste of guided exercise on Wednesday. The duration of the sample lessons are 20 minutes and you can attend the lesson in normal study clothes, you do not need separate exercise equipment.

    Schedule, (Poiju OAMK 1. floor)

    At 12.45-13.05 Adult ballet (The adult ballet includes practicing classical ballet techniques, which help improve coordination, body control and balance.)

    At 14-14.20 Balance (Balance class improves recovery, mobility and body control.)

    At 14.40-15 Dancemix (In Dancemix classes you learn the basics of numerous dance genres in a relaxed atmosphere and through fun.)

Thursday 24.11.

  • From 16:30 to 19:30 Wellness cafe on the Tellus Stage. You can meet new people, drink a cup of coffee or tea and eat a small snack. At the same time, you can try the activities organized by the wellbeing tutors and play board games.
  • From 20:00 to 24:00 alcohol-free party organized by OYY and OSAKO at 45 Special!
  • At 16:15-18:00 Interfaith Dialogue Group in Linnanmaa Tellus Frost Club. Here people from different religions and non-religious people discuss religious topics in order to better understand each other. Chilling topic this time: Why do we need religion?

During the week, there are also plenty of different wellbeing tutoring sessions, check out more about wellbeing tutoring here!

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