Who are the heroes of the students?

Students have lots of needs and expectations regarding courses and everyday life. The course implementation, assessment, and the teaching are just a couple of examples of matters that provoke discussion. It’s often the case that the expectations of the students and the ones responsible for the planning and implementation of teaching are very different. The safest way to secure the realization of these expectations is to take care that there are active hallopeds in every possible body! The hallopeds are also a great resource for the trusteeship of guilds and subject societies since through meetings the societies get the most recent information about the events organized by faculties and degree programmes.

It’s sad to notice that recently the halloped activities have been seen as work only done by long-time students. In reality, the halloped activities are in great need of all kinds of students. First and second year students have the latest information about the basic and intermediate courses and their implementation, while on the other hand fourth and fifth year students know more about the courses relating to thesis work. Additionally, it’s important to remember that no halloped is left alone. We at the OYY are available for support and guidance throughout the term, and every spring we offer a training session for all selected hallopeds to teach them the ropes of being a halloped! 

This autumn we are once again looking for these heroes to work in different positions! The application period begins on 17 October and continues until 19 November. So feel free to apply and make sure to notify your friends of this opportunity!

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