Student Council Elections

The next elections are in Autumn 2021

The voting period of next Student council elections is from 28th of October to 3rd of November. The call for elections has been given on 13th of September 2021, and the deadline to submit the forms of candidates and electoral alliances and circles is 13th of October. You can also be an independent candidate without any alliance. There will be an election compass for all the candidates, that will open for public use before the voting period starts. All members of OYY can vote digitally between 28th of October and 3rd of November.

The Student Council will elect a new Board for OYY in the beginning of December. The candidates for the Board can be members of the Student Council or any member of OYY.

The current line-up of the Student Council and the contact information for the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council can be found here.

More information about the Student Council can be found on this page.

The forms for candidates, electoral alliances and electoral circles can be found on this page. You can also get the documents from OYY office. The information of the candidates is processed as stated in OYY’s data protection notice.

Important dates:

Election call  13.9.

Nomination of candidates ends 13.10.

Voting instructions 15.10

Candidates time to fill the election compass 15.–22.10.

Election compass open to the public 25.10.

Voting period Thu 28.10 – Wed 3.11. 

Green alliance: Aino-Kaisa Manninen,, 040 568 9426

Humanistic election alliance: Julia Pääkkölä,

Students of the Youth of National Coalition Party: Paavo Koho,, 040 842 7047

The Election Circle of Technology and Economy Students:

Economic Students electoral alliance: Taru Nygård,, telegram @tarurebecca
Electoral alliances of the Technology Students: Meea Tikkanen,, telegram @Pakkohiplaus

Science students: Iikka Kokkoniemi,

Students of Educational Sciences: Salla Karhunen,, telegram @salsukarhune


This page is updated regularly. If your electoral alliance is not in this list, you can contact us via and send your electoral alliances official name, name of a contact person and their contact information, and we’ll add them here!

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