Apply as OYY’s Chair of the Board for 2024!

The application period for the Chair of the Board is open 30 October – 26 November

As the Chair of the Board, you get to challenge yourself in the advocacy of students’ interests, lead the Board and build networks both locally and nationally. The Chair of the Board represents the Student Union for example by giving interviews to the media and in meetings with the leadership of the university and the city. The Board and the Chair commit to following the objectives and values of the Student Union which are specified in the strategy and policy papers accepted by the Student Council.


The Board of the Student Union is a working board, and the everyday life of the Board is formed of different kinds of weekly meetings and discussions. The Chair works full-time at the Student Union’s office. The Student Union’s activities are bilingual, so skills in both Finnish and English are considered an advantage. Previous experience in leadership, experience with working in organisations, good social interaction skills and the ability to work under pressure are considered advantages in the position of the Chair. Most of the work is done during office hours, but some events, representative work and contact with stakeholders take place in the evenings and on weekends. The chair is paid a monthly reward for the position and it was 1050 euros in 2023.


The Student Council selects the Chair of the Board in their meeting on 29 November. The candidates running for the position have an opportunity to introduce themselves to the Student Council in the meeting, and the Student Council can ask them questions.


Send in your free-form application and CV to by Sunday 26 November at 23.59. The applications are submitted to the Student Council for reading.


The application period for the OYY Board is also now open. Read more from this article!



Additional information:


Suvi-Anna Salminen The Chair of the Board, +358405231821


Secretary General Kauko Keskisärkkä, +358 40 523 1822

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