The Board for the Student Union of University of Oulu was elected for the year 2023, Putula to lead the Student Council

The Student Council of the Student Union of the University of Oulu elected the Board and the Presidium for the Student Council in their meeting on Wednesday 7.12.

Medical student Leea Putula was elected as the Chair of the Student Council. During this year, Putula has acted as the Vice Chair of the Council. History of sciences and ideas student Karoliina Kokko-Tollola was elected as the Vice Chair of the Student Council.

7 members were elected to the OYY Board. Suvi-Anna Salminen was elected as the Chair of the Board in the previous meeting on 15.11. The members of the board are Mikko Hakoniemi, Elli Reinola, Anton Kostiainen, Aapomikko Matti, Katri Holmi, Daria Zaikovskaia and Aku Forsman. The Board will elect the Vice Chairs from among themselves in January. There were a total of 11 applicants to the Board, which is slightly more than in the previous years.

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