Wellbeing tutoring will continue throughout the summer

Over 8 000 participations to wellbeing tutoring, activities will go throughout the whole summer.

The wellbeing project will continue throughout the summer like last year! So if you’re thinking about what to do in the summer, please note that the wellbeing tutors also organize activities in the summer!

There are almost different things to almost everyone’s wishes: exercise, arts and crafts, and cultural activities. You can keep track of the activities either on Instagram @hyvinvointihanke or in Notio.

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At the end of 2022, a total of 5,192 participants participated in the project, reaching 2,119 first-time students. During spring 2023, the number of participants has already risen to more than 8,000 students. By the end of 2022, 16.3% of students and doctoral researchers participated in wellbeing tutoring.

The wellbeing project has received constructive and encouraging feedback:

”Wednesday ceramics has been a very meaningful thing to do in the middle of the week and it has offered a little respite from studies, while supporting them at the same time. Architectural studies require manual skills, and working with clay has been an excellent way to practice them.”

”I have participated in the knitting club and it has been really nice there! It’s easy to meet new people when working with handicrafts.”

”Being a wellbeing tutor has been really nice and at the same time I feel that it has also improved my own wellbeing. The activities organized by other tutors have also been nice.”

In the wellbeing project’s feedback surveys organized at the end of 2022 and spring 2023, the results were positive. More than 80% of the respondents felt that the project has improved their mental health, almost 50% of the respondents felt that their physical condition has improved. More than 60% said they found new friends through the project. Almost all respondents recommended the project’s activities to other students as well. And about 85% either agreed or completely agreed with the statement ”I have found something meaningful for myself with the help of the wellbeing project”.

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