The Student Union supports you for a more international study experience.

Intercultural competence is an asset in the labour market, and gaining international experience already as a student will open up opportunities for you in the future.

Internationalization is an essential part of all students’ everyday life in the globalizing world. Everyone should to be able to operate in an internationalizing working life and society. This will require language skills, intercultural competence, openness, adaptability and new ways to see the world and home.

The aim of university education is to prepare you for your future, so it really pays off to think about internationalizing yourself. The Student Union supports you for a more international study experience. Familiarize yourself with the opportunities that the University and the Student Union offer.

Internationality is a part of the everyday life of students. There are almost a thousand foreign degree students and exchange students studying at the University of Oulu, creating an international atmosphere to the campuses.

Even in some degree programs that are named in Finnish, it is quite likely that at least some of the teaching will occur in some other language, usually in English. Working together with students from different cultures, for example in team exercises, offers you great opportunities to learn from different cultures, practice your language skills and get new friends and create new networks. It might be a bit different to work with students from different backgrounds, but at the same time, it can be really educative and useful, and it prepares you for working life. You might learn something new about yourself as well!

The University of Oulu offers different kinds of ways for you to become an international graduate. This page introduces a few alternative ways in which you can widen your expertise and bring diversity to your degree.

Student exchange and international master’s programmes

The University of Oulu provides international master’s degree programs in English, a few joint-degree programs with partner Universities and also international research opportunities and doctoral education. Students can also choose between various exchange programs from around the world for a chance to broaden their horizon. For more information, please see the University web page, visit your faculty’s web page, or contact your departments international coordinator. To find out more about the international master’s degree programmes, please see In case you have difficulties getting credits for your courses or you cant get the help you need from the University, you can contact our international officer.

Lost in translation?

The Languages and Communication unit of the Extension School at the University of Oulu offers courses on many foreign languages ranging from European languages to Chinese. The Languages and Communication unit organizes language courses specific to each discipline, and additionally, the unit offers teaching in some rarer languages, in oral, written and scientific communication, and Finnish language courses for foreigners.

Hit the road!

We strongly recommend a student exchange period or an internship abroad for everyone. The length of the exchange period can vary between three to twelve months. You can even have more than one study abroad period, or instead of studying, you can do an international internship. An internship abroad is a good way to combine becoming international and acquiring work experience. There are several exchange programs to choose from, or you can become a free-mover and arrange a new exchange destination for yourself. There are exchange destinations available from all corners of the world.

To make the most out of your stay abroad, it is best to plan your exchange studies and your internship in advance. Planning ahead is essential especially when you wish to get credits and incorporate the studies or the internship into your degree at home. You should plan your exchange or internship together with your Personal Study Plan (PSP) tutor, your teachers and the exchange coordinator of your faculty. For more information on grants, exchange destinations and other aspects concerning your exchange or internship period, please visit the University’s web page or contact the international coordinators.

There are various ways to get involved in international circles and find new friends from abroad. On the university campus you can find international activities in the form of societies, events, dinners and parties. There is something for everyone. You can

  • participate in the Erasmus Student Network activities and events
  • take charge of your own society’s or guild’s international activity
  • take part in The Cafe Lingua meetings or the Tandem study exchange program and practice your language skills
  • become a student tutor (or kummi in Finnish) for new foreign students
  • take part in the events and activities of the Network of International Students in Oulu organization (NISO)
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