Student Council Elections

The Student Council has the highest decision-making powers in the Student Union.

University of Oulu (OYY). Among other things, it determines the amount of the membership fee as well as selects the Executive Board and the student representatives in the university’s board of directors. In the elections, 37 members and their deputy members are elected.

Every member of the Student Union who has registered as an attending student by Oct 16, 2019 is eligible for the election. The candidate must be 18 years old on the election day at the latest. A person who has been assigned a legal guardian is not eligible for the election.

To run for the election, the candidate needs to submit election documents. Election documents are available in OYY’s office in the Linnanmaa Campus (Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1, 2T door, 1st floor, 90270 Oulu) and in OYY’s website ( starting from Sept 16, 2019. Candidates can form electoral alliances and election circles. 

The following electoral circles and/or alliances have been announced to the Student Union (contact persons 

Oulun keskustaopiskelijat, the Centre Students (Taneli Kastikainen,
Vihreä lista, Green list (Mirja Mustapirtti, / IG: @boabaobab)
Poikkitieteellinen vaalirengas, Cross-disciplinary election ring (Kalle Parviainen,
TeTa – Tekniikka ja talous, Technology and Economy Students (Olli Joki, & Petteri Hollanti,
Tieteelliset (Emmi-Kaisa Molkkari
Lääketieteellinen vaaliliitto, Medical Alliance (Eelis Palokangas

If you want your electoral alliance and/or circle to be added to the list above, please contact the communications spelialist of the Student Union (

If you want to hear more about electoral circles and/or alliances, contact the Secretary General Kauko Keskisärkkä ( or the Chair of the Central Election Committee Emilia Käsmä (

The election documents must be submitted to the OYY’s office (Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1, 2T door, 1st floor, 90270 Oulu) by 12:00 pm on Wednesday Oct 16, 2019. Documents delivered by mail must also have arrived by this time.

Each member of the Student Union who has registered as an attending student by Oct 2, 2019 has a right to vote. Everyone who’s eligible to vote has an equal right to vote.

At the student’s request, the Student Union election official appointed by the central election board together with the student themselves can control the student’s right to vote from the electoral register. The student can request the control at the Student Union’s office Oct 10–16, 2019 during the opening hours (Mon–Thu 10 am to 2 pm). 

Written requests for rectification are to submit by email to the General Secretariat of the Student Union at at 12:pm on Oct 18, 2019 at the latest. Required information in the request for rectification are name and contact information of the person who’s requesting the rectification as well as the kind of rectification and the grounds for it.

The online voting begins on Wednesday Nov 1, 2019 at 9:00 am and ends on Nov 6, 2019 at 4:00 pm. The central election board reserves a right for election system maintenance breaks during the elections. Voting takes place at



Guide to the candidates 2019

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Electoral circle form

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Electoral alliance form

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Ehdokkaiden yhdistelmä

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Candidate form

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