Student Representatives of the administration

A student representative is the voice of students in decision making. There are student reps in the University’s governance ranging from the Board of Directors to Degree Programme Committees.

Faculty Boards

Faculty Boards are legal administrative bodies in faculties with multiple members (Universities Act §27). They handle the management of the faculties alongside deans and the Faculty Management Groups and decide on the faculty’s broader actions. The faculty board is tasked with, for example, the preparation, resource planning and implementation of the faculty’s operational programme, approval of the faculty’s action and financial plan as well as its personnel plan. Additionally, the Faculty Board follows and guides the communications of the faculty’s affairs to the personnel and students. The rector hears the Faculty Board when choosing a dean or educational dean.

In addition to students the Faculty Board, according to the University Regulations 8§ includes the dean, faculty staff and external members who have expertise on the faculty’s areas of competence. The Boards meeting times vary, most meet a couple of times per semester.

The faculty board is tasked with assisting the faculty’s management in the following matters:

1) the preparation and implementation of the faculty’s operational programme;
2) the preparation of the faculty’s action and financial plan as well as its personnel plan;
3) monitoring the faculty’s activities and finances; and
4) communicating the faculty’s affairs to the personnel and students

  • Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine


    Elli Kononen,

    Marjaana Sarpola.

    Deputy members:

    Cécile Rabardel

  • Faculty of Humanities


    Santtu Mäenpää,

    Lotta Ojala,

    Deputy Members:

    Kalle Parviainen,
    Vilma Sippola

  • Oulu Business School


    Jasmin Urpilainen,

    Deputy Member:

    Juho Väärä

  • Faculty of Education and Psychology


    Saila Pihlajamaa,

    Marko Venäläinen,

    Deputy Members:

    Ida Leipivaara,
    Taru Lyöri

  • Faculty of Medicine


    Joakim Hulkkonen,

    Maari Kytöharju,

    Deputy Members:

    Julia Mäntylä,
    Antero Metso

  • Faculty of Science


    Samu Vanhala,

    Elina Lassi,

    Miikka Lukkaroinen,

    Deputy Members:

    Toni Hyvönen,
    Sara Väyrynen

  • Faculty of Technology


    Tiitu-Lotta Paju,

    Christian Lilja,

    Riikka Lebeitsuk,

    Deputy members:

    Iikka Kokkoniemi,
    Madhuri Rayadurgam,
    Nidhal Aga

  • Faculty of ITEE


    Aprotim Paul,

    Aapomikko Matti,


    Deputy members:

    Fuad Al Parvez,
    Ahmed Jabir Zuhayr