Student Representatives of the administration

A student representative is the voice of students in decision making. There are student reps in the University’s governance ranging from the Board of Directors to Degree Programme Committees.

The University Collegium

The University Collegium of the University of Oulu is, alongside the board, our university’s most influential body. The jurisdiction and assembly of the University Collegium governed by public law is regulated in the Finnish Universities Act. The collegium is responsible, for example, for making decisions pertaining to the board’s number of members and confirming the selection of new members, as well as confirming financial statements and annual reports. In addition, the collegium releases the board from liability and relieves board members from their duty. For the term of student representatives of 2022-23, the Collegium selects the majority of the members from outside the University in the Board. A comprehensive list of the collegium’s statutory duties can be found at the end of this call. The collegium generally assembles twice a year, on top of which meetings with the Oulu University Collegium’s student group as well as other co-operation will require members to reserve some time.

The remit of the university collegium is to
(1) decide on the number of members on the board and the duration of the term of office of the board and its members;
(2) elect the members referred to in the University Act section 5 (4) to the board;
(3) confirm the election of board members by the university community groups;
(4) dismiss board members by proposal of the board;
(5) select the financial auditors of the university;
(6) confirm the financial statement and the annual report of the university and discharge board members and rectors from liability;
(7) decide on the bringing of an action for damages against a board member, rector or financial auditor

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  • Current representatives

    Leea Putula,
    (Personal deputy member: Maria Ollila)

    Lotta Ellonen,
    (Personal deputy member: Marko Venäläinen)

    Chenhao Song,
    (Personal deputy member: Ly Ngyuen)

    (Personal deputy member: Miikka Lukkaroinen,

    Anni Vakkuri,
    (Personal deputy member: Aku Forsman)

    Aapomikko Matti,
    (Personal deputy member: Md. Moinul Islam)

    Iikka Kokkoniemi,
    (Personal deputy member: Riikka Haataja)

    Suvi-Anna Salminen,
    (Personal deputy member: Santtu Mäenpää)