Student Representatives of the administration

A student representative is the voice of students in decision making. There are student reps in the University’s governance ranging from the Board of Directors to Degree Programme Committees.

University Board of Directors

Representing in the Board of Directors of the University of Oulu offers a great deal of power and responsibility, because the Board has the highest executive power in the University. The operations of the Board are directed by the tasks set to it, which includes managing the University’s finances, operations, assets and strategy. The Board approves the University’s significant agreements and regulations as well as selects the Rectors. The Board also has power over education as it annually approves the degree program portfolio, i.e. decides on the new degree programs and the number of freshers at the University of Oulu each year. The operations of the Board are set in the Finnish Universities Act and in the regulations of the University of Oulu.

There are two student representatives in the University Board.

Get to know the responsibilities of the Board and read the minutes

  • Current representatives

    Lotta Leinonen (

    Teemu Virtanen (