Student Representatives of the administration

A student representative is the voice of students in decision making. There are student reps in the University’s governance ranging from the Board of Directors to Degree Programme Committees.

Education Committees

The Education Committee is the highest education focused organ in the faculty. It is tasked with preparing the education action plan, curriculums and evaluating the quality of education. The Education Committee can also have other tasks given by the Faculty Board or dean, such as the tasks of Degree Programme Committees, if that organ is not named. The Education Committee develops educational actions based on student feedback. Students’ opinions are highly valued in the organ.

Current student members:

  • Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine


    Elli Kononen,

    Marjaana Sarpola,

    Deputy members:

    Cécile Rabardel,
    Veimi Kivelä

  • Faculty of Humanities


    Elviira Tervamäki,

    Sampo Taipale,

    Deputy members:

    Kalle Parviainen,
    Erika Holck

  • Oulu Business School


    Anni Rajaniemi,

    Luukas Lohi,

    Deputy members:

    Ly Nguyen,
    Chenhao Song

  • Faculty of Education and Pscyhology


    Ida Leipivaara,

    Shams Mohammad Nasif,

    Deputy members:

    Saila Pihlajamaa,
    Petra Kiiskinen

  • Faculty of Medicine


    Julia Mäntylä,

    Joakim Hulkkonen,

    Deputy members:

    Maija Pitkänen,
    Md. Azmir Alam

  • Faculty of Science


    Miikka Lukkaroinen,

    Deputy members:

    Elina Lassi,
    Samu Vanhala

  • Faculty of Technology


    Madhuri Rayadurgam,

    Jakov Lubenets,

    Satu Anttila,

    Deputy Members:

    Iikka Kokkoniemi,
    Riikka Lebeitsuk,
    Christian Lilja

  • Faculty of ITEE

    Veera Kiiskilä,

    Inka Lohiniva,

    Ahmad Prabowo,

    Deputy members:

    Fariha Noor E Amin,
    Md. Moinul Islam,
    Aprotim Paul