Student Representatives of the administration

A student representative is the voice of students in decision making. There are student reps in the University’s governance ranging from the Board of Directors to Degree Programme Committees.

For Doctoral Researchers

This part describes the organs that are only eligible for doctoral researchers of the University of Oulu. Doctoral researchers are eligible to apply to many other positions as well (excluding faculty specific organs, see separate eligibility). Eligible for the organs are doctoral researchers in the University of Oulu Graduate School.

Doctoral researcher representatives of the University of Oulu gather in Doctoral Researcher’ Section DRS.

UniOGS Management Group

The Graduate School dean names a Management Group to support the dean in leadership of doctoral research and development as well as fulfilling the University’s strategy. The Management Group discusses e.g. the development of doctoral training processes, admission times and admission criteria and the amount of travel grants. Meetings are held approximately seven times per year. The UniOGS dean acts as the chair.

The Management Group members are the chair of the Doctoral Training Committees as well as other members named by the dean. The dean names one doctoral research representative and one deputy by OYY’s proposal. Their term is one calendar year.

Doctoral Training Committees

There are four Doctoral Training Committees in the University of Oulu Graduate School: Human Sciences, Technology and Natural Sciences, Health and Biosciences and Technology and Electrical Engineering. The Doctoral Training Committees direct, develop and evaluate the activities of the doctoral degree programs in the specific fields of the Committee. The Committees e.g. assess admission applications, doctoral training plans and final PhD theses. Additionally the Committees are also responsible for organizing field-specific doctoral training. The doctoral researcher members in the Committees are important advocates for doctoral researchers when planning their education. The Committees meet approximately once a month.

Current doctoral researcher members:

Research Council

The Research Council of the University of Oulu supports the rectors in advancing scientific research and sustaining scientific discussion. The Research Council handles scientific conventions and evaluates the quality of research. The council discusses e.g., new scientific directions, doctoral training, recruitment, ethical principles of research and quality assurance of research. The chair of the organ is the Vice Rector of Research in the University of Oulu. The council also includes professors. The Research Council is an excellent place to network with the people in charge of research in the University of Oulu and influence the development of research activity in our University. The council meets approximately once a month.

Get to know the Research Council’s tasks, members and minutes