Students' rights

Student rights are written down in several rules and statutes. Here we have put together a comprehensive list of the rights of students and the procedures related to them.

To resit an exam

Students have the right to resit an exam twice within a reasonable period of time. It is advisable to resit during the same academic year (or by the next autumn in cases of exams held in late spring) as otherwise you may be required to retake the whole course rather than just the exam. Other final completion methods (e.g. essays, learning diaries, etc.) are also considered examinations if there is no exam option available. Partial study attainments must also be assessed within three weeks of submission if the partial attainment has significance for the student in continuing, completing and passing the course. All final attainments must be possible to supplement in cases of a fail grade due to contents of the attainment.

Note that resitting an exam and raising a grade are two different things in the university regulations. The number of resits allowed for an approved study attainment may be limited by the curriculum or the Education Dean unless a raised grade is necessary for the continuation of studies. In such situations, refer to your degree programme’s study guide for more information. Study guides can be found on Peppi.