Students' rights

Student rights are written down in several rules and statutes. Here we have put together a comprehensive list of the rights of students and the procedures related to them.

To study flexibly

A student has the right to advance their studies with 60 ECTS credit points per year in order to graduate within target time. However, it is possible to plan and carry out studies at a different pace. A student has the right to draft a personal study plan, or PSP, within the limits of the confirmed curriculum. Note that if you plan to receive the Study grant, Kela obliges you to receive at least 5 ECTS per month of financial aid and at least 20 ECTS per academic year.

If you are unable to complete your studies within the original study right period, you may apply for an extension of study right. Make sure to apply for the extension in time: by the end of April in spring and by the end of October in autumn. A student is entitled to receive tutor teaching during the extension period as well.

After completing your degree, you have the right to study with a non-degree or complementary study right and to complete open university studies. If you wish to apply for a free complementary study right, it should be done while applying for a degree.

Once a student has been admitted to the university, the study organiser has a responsibility to provide them equal study opportunities. This means that all students have the right to study without barriers and to have their personal limitations considered in the assessment of their studies. You may seek recommendations for individual study arrangements, e.g., based on a disability or diagnosis. Individual recommendations are sought from the University of Oulu’s study psychologist.