Students' rights

Student rights are written down in several rules and statutes. Here we have put together a comprehensive list of the rights of students and the procedures related to them.

To trust the university’s decisions

A student has the right to trust that decisions made by the university are not changed abruptly or retroactively to the student’s or students’ detriment. Decisions made by the university include, e.g., grading, student admissions, AHOT-decisions and confirmation of the curriculum that entails, e.g., teaching methods used during courses. However, there is no protection of trust in the following cases:


  • The decision subject to change was originally based on incorrect or insufficient information provided by the party (e.g. cases of fraud)
  • The change has been anticipated (e.g. through a transition period)
  • A technical / typographical error has occurred (e.g. in tally or data entry)
  • The assessment is strongly justified by public interest
  • The matter at hand is a piece of advice or a promise given by a teacher during lesson (not a decision)